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                                                            Gwendolyn Styers
French Bulldog Breeder 

   I am a licensed breeder in St Pete., Fl  for the past 10+ continuous years.  I have plenty of great references regarding French bulldog puppies that I bred, sold and hand delivered throughout the state of Florida, NY, NY., Denver, CO., SF & LA, CA., ME., MA., MD., CT., IL., NH.,VA., PA., NC., SC., NJ., NC., AL., and Canada. Remember for the price of a round trip ticket, I will hand deliver the pup to any major airport. All of our French Bulldog puppies for sale have spay or neutering contract.

                                                                    New litter of
                                                        French Bulldogs Puppies!!!
                                                              born 06/07/2016

My litters are theme named (not w/ AKC), so I can easily remember a pup in the years to come. This litter's theme is a remembrance of the tragedy that occurred here in Fl. the week they were born. Amazing, how easily our freedom can be threatened. 

    French Bulldog's innate ability to make you laugh, curiosity with such charm and determination, along with unconditionally love and desire to protect anyone that loves to snuggle and receive a great amount of kisses are the reasons why French Bulldogs make the not only perfect Haute Couture Accessory for the wealthy, but the perfect dog for anyone needing  unconditional love of an emotional support dog. Because they are not a newborn pup and already house, crate and doggy door trained, they would make someone or a family the perfect pet or emotional support dog that does not have the time or experience to train a newborn. If interested in an Emotional Support Dog, call and inquire as to the benefits of having one.

Google "NY Times french bulldog articles" and check out expected cost of owning a french bulldog.
$40,000 it is estimated to costs you. Make sure you buy from a licensed breeder with excellent bloodline.

We pride ourselves on breeding the highest quality and healthiest AKC french bulldog puppies that we call the perfect Haute Couture accessory imaginable. French Bulldogs have become very popular and often seen in both print and tv advertising, along with frequently accompanying business owners to work and thereby becoming store mascots. Today, I believe the French bulldog has become a symbol of success, whether it be as a entrepreneur or a business professional. A french bulldog puppy definetly portrays extremely good taste and successful.

Happy Kennels is a Licensed breeder of AKC French Bulldog Puppies in Saint Petersburg, Florida with 4 time Westminster Champion Bloodlines within their pedigree. I will hand deliver a french bulldog puppy anywhere, but I refuse to ship a puppy given that there is the probability of lots of health issues and possible result of death caused by shipping procedures.

Buying a new french bulldog puppy can be one of life's most exciting experiences and one of the most challenging!

Adding a new member to one's family is a big step. A purebred of any breed is generally somewhat expensive. The right match for your family is even more valuable to the family as a whole than the actual cost. We recommend that anyone considering a French Bulldog Puppy as a member of your family to visit Happy Kennels in person to tour the kennel or at least take time to thoroughly tour our site. We offer:

  • French Bulldog puppies bred and raised in my private home a.k.a Happy Kennels estate.
  • Westminster Champion bloodlines that include Jackpot's (Martha Stewart's frenchies) and Cox's along with several others.
  • Healthy, happy and well socialized french bulldog puppies.
  • Licensed Breeder by Pinellas Co. Animal Control in Saint Petersburg, Fl. (Regularly Inspected)
  • AKC Litter Registration on all French Bulldog Puppies. (American Kennel Club is the only registration accepted in to the Westminster and the only one recognized by Westminster for prestigious purebreds)
  • Sire and Dam are on premises, along with some grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings and cousins.
  • All french bulldog puppies are sold with Health Certificate and First Shots.
  • Open door policy on visiting Happy Kennels.
  • Actual photographs of the French Bulldog Puppies are available and updated frequently on Happy Kennels site.
  • Crate and doggy door training from 6 weeks of age.
  • Delivery Options for French Bulldog puppies.
  • All puppies sold are sold with limited registration (spaying/neutering contract) or buyer must provide proof of professional handler for full registration.

Therefore, here at Happy Kennels we have French Bulldog Puppies that are beautiful, happy and healthy that are sure to lighten up your life!

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