We have 4 French Bulldog puppies at the perfect age. Now able to see predominate traits apparent w/ physical and personality.

 We accept most major credit cards, pay pal, and debit cards for deposits on a french bulldog puppy. Deposit on a French Bulldog is a standard $500.00 a non-refundable fee for holding the dog for a certain buyer. If paying completely by paypal an additional 5% will be added to the price of the french bulldog.
If you wish to see more photo's of the French Bulldog Puppies for sale, please add Happy Kennels as a friend. I regularly post photos on Facebook for the convenience of not having to individual email photos to possible customers. Thank You Gwen

Sidney and Blaze's pups. All pups come with spaying contract.
Tiramisu is a brindle female sired by Blaze and dam is Sidney. She is an exact copy of her mom. She has the physical appearance of Sidney as a pup. The square face, perfect shape for a French Bulldog. Her mom is often mistaken for a male French Bulldog cause of her built. She loves attention, and she can even handle playing w/ Lucky and Clover. She is a tough fun loving female that was taught well by her dam. Playful and loves attention. $2700

Cronut aka Nutty is brindle sired by Blaze and dam is Sidney. She is a lighter brindle than her sister and dam Fatty Patty. She does have a cherry eye that is scheduled to be fixed in the next week. She has been getting drops and eye lubricant in it, so she is need of some special attention. I think she doesn't like me since I'm the one having to put her through it. I have reduced her price because of the eye and her need for extra love. It will be fixed correctly. $2000 


Chinka and Phelp's litter. All pups come with neutering contract.

"Lucky" Charm is a pied male sired by Phelps and dam is Chinka. He has red markings w/ brindle spots. A complete combination of his parents. Pied like mama w/ red marking and physique like sire. Same eye liner marking as his dam. He is a typical French Bulldog male. Rough, tough and full of curiosity. His ears are at a stage where he almost looks like a English. All my French Bulldogs are AKC French Bulldog. They should be all the way up in the next week. $3500

Four Leaf "Clover" is a pied male sired by Phelps and dam is Chinka. The boys look and act so much alike. I tend to call them Lucky Clover from a distance cause it is hard to tell them apart. They are true twins and a combo of their parents. Him and his brother are so playful and are such typical Frenchies. Clover's ears come up and down at this moment, where his brother's ears tend to look like an English. Its typical w/ French Bulldogs when they have such large ears that they tend to go up and down till fully developed. $3500

Diamond and DaVinci's litter
John Claude Van Damme is an obvious red male French Bulldog puppy. Sire is DaVinci and dam is Diamond. A very stalky hefty little man. $5500
Brigitte Bardot is a brindle female French Bulldog. Sire is DaVinci and dam is Diamond. She is a very stalky hefty little lady. $3000
Angelina Jolie is a brndle female French Bulldog. Sire is DaVinci and dam is is Diamond. She is a very stalky hefty little lady. $3000

All of Happy Kennels French bulldogs start their crate training at 5 weeks of age. Approximately 6 to 7 weeks of age, they begin to learn how to use the doggy door. The French Bulldog Puppies that have shorter legs tend to struggle more than others. All of our French Bulldog puppies are allowed to run and play freely inside of the fenced in yard. Here at the Happy Kennel estate we built special fenced yards for the puppies to play within and for the advanced learners whom have been taught to swim to the pool step should they accidentally fall in the pool. Thus, the French Bulldogs here learn how to swim to the pool steps to get out of the swimming pool.

NOTE: The French Bulldog breed by nature are not built to swim, so no French Bulldog should be brought to a new home with no knowledge of what a pool is!! 

           This is Jimmy and Phelps, when Phelps was a puppy

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