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If interested  and have questions regarding Emotional Support Dogs, Call the Breeder Gwen at 727-906-9067 or email

Destiny is a retiring breeder. She is 3 years old and has one litter. Destiny and breeding do not seem to mix. Therefore it is best to find her a home where she can be happy. She is a very loving girl but has a standing feud going with another one of my female breeders. She loves to play and run. She loves to have all the other dogs chase her and flips upside down to let them tackle her. Best place for Destiny would be in a home with children and male dogs. $1500

French Bulldog's innate ability to make you laugh, curiosity with such charm and determination, along with unconditionally love and desire to protect anyone that loves to snuggle and receive a great amount of kisses are the reasons why French Bulldogs make the not only perfect Haute Couture Accessory for the wealthy, but the perfect dog for anyone needing  unconditional love of an emotional support dog or pet. Because they are not a newborn pup and already house, crate and doggy door trained, they would make someone or a family the perfect pet or emotional support dog that does not have the time or experience to train a newborn.