Mickey was the first stud dog at Happy Kennels. His bloodline has 4x Westminster Champions.

French Bulldog Studs at Happy Kennels

Retired French Bulldog Studs



Travlen Spendabuck of Lyerly

        aka     Mickey

Jon Claude

Phelps is the son of Blaze and Sidney/ Fatty Patty. He is a replica of his grandfather Jimmy. He will be the replacement for Jimmy in the bloodline.


The French Bulldog studs at Happy Kennels selected for their overall impressive qualities. These studs are very good looking French Bulldogs for their breed. They are well within the guidelines for AKC standards. The French Bulldog studs also carry the Westminster Champion Bloodline and all have a wonderful disposition for male bulldogs. Pepe is alpha and Jimmy is bravo, but they are brothers so they don't fight for reign over the pack. They are the sons of Mickey (Travlen's) and Winky.


DaVinci is the son of Blaze and Itsy. DaVinci is Alpha male and Pepe's replacement in the bloodline.

Sidhartha aka Punky

Sidhartha was Jimmy and Tootie's son. He was the original red man. Travlen's red stripes came out in beautiful solid red w/ the sweetest red man ever.

Jon is the son of DaVinci and Diamond. A red male to take Sidhartha place in the gene pool.

Jimmy is Travlen Spendabuck Of Lyerly and Winky's son. Born in the same litter as Pepe, Jimmy was Bravo in the pack only to his brother Pepe.

Sire / studs

Pepe is Travlen Spendabuck of Lyerly's and Winky's son. One of the original Bad Boyz and Jimmy's brother. He was Alpha for many years.

Blaze was Sidhartha and Minnie Mouse's son. He was small but mighty. Sired both Phelps and DaVinci.

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