Happy Kennels

Itsy was Pepe and Sassy's daughter. Itsy is Fatty/ Sidney and DaVinci's dam.


Destiny is DaVinci and Chinka's daughter. She is lead Dam currently at Happy Kennels.

​Calypso is the daughter of Destiny and Jean Claude. She is an up and coming breeder, stay tuned!

Lita is the daughter of Chinka and DaVinci. She will breeding in the near future !!


Calypso "Swag"




Winky was an original French Bulldog female. She set the stage for many to come. She was the dam of the infamous Badboyz.

Sassy was leader of the brindle female pack. She was the dam of so many of my dams. She kept the brindle color and the health in the bloodline

Diamond was Minnie Mouse and Bentley's daughter. Diamond's son is Jon Claude, which is our up and coming stud

Itsy Bitsy

Ying was Sassy and Jimmy's daughter.

Sidney aka Fatty Patty

Minnie Mouse

Fatty was the boyish looking female ever. She was Itsy and Jimmy's daughter and Phelps dam; hence, the replication of Jimmy in Phelps.


-------------------------------------------- Retired Dams -------------------------------------------

Minnie Mouse was Sassy and Travlen's daughter. She is Diamond and Blaze's dam.


Lily, Prissy and Buffy retired dams.

I  breed dams which posses the qualities of beauty, health, breed standards, parental nature and this led to my elite team of dams, whom I greatly admire for their ability to whelp and nurture such amazingly healthy and happy puppies. I have owned and bred many dams over the past ten years because I don't believe in over breeding any particular female, so I am assured to keep my bloodline strong and healthy. They are retired young and normally I find them a family to spoil them for the rest of their young lives.


Bridgette is Diamond and DaVinci daughter

Chinka is Winky and Blaze's daughter. Recently retired.