Now Retired : Aug 2, 2018 Trained Older Cream Male French Bulldog                                                                                                 



French bulldog deposit
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French Bulldog's innate ability to make you laugh, curiosity with such charm and determination, along with unconditionally love and desire to protect anyone that loves to snuggle and receive a great amount of kisses are the reasons why French Bulldogs make the not only perfect Haute Couture Accessory for the wealthy, but the perfect dog for anyone needing  unconditional love of an emotional support dog or pet. Because they are not a newborn pup and already house, crate and doggy door trained, they would make someone or a family the perfect pet or emotional support dog that does not have the time or experience to train a newborn.

Older Dogs For Sale

If interested  and have questions regarding Emotional Support Dogs, Call the Breeder Gwen at 727-906-9067 or email

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------------------------>FRENCH BULLDOG PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT !!!! <----------------------

Ladies and Gentlemen, please join us in a moment of silence,

For the people of the Frenchy Nation and with special recognition for the
United Families of Happy Kennels (UFHK),
whom had to suffer a tragic loss today (Aug. 2, 2018).

Lieutenant General Phelps of the United Happy Kennels Stud Force (UHK-SF), whom originally received national attention  with his success, while serving as "Wingman in the Bad-BoyZ Era".  Lt Gen Phelps immediately proceeded to serve as 2nd in command of the Top-Styers Sire's for HK's French Bulldog Puppy Reserves (HK-FBPR). Lt Gen Phelps resigned earlier this year and relinquished command to Brigadier General Jon Claude. Brig Gen Jon Claude will lead the FlyBoyZ in the next Blue ThunderDogz Brigade (BTB). 

Approximately at 09:00 Lt Gen Phelps has undergone surgery at the reputable Bay Area Veterinarian Medical Center (BAVMC). Per last update, he is stable and in recovery. Unfortunately to the HK families, we must officially report Lt Gen Phelps voluntarily enrolled in the Prostate Cancer Prevention Program (PPCP). Now on behalf of the HK's Department of Treasury and HK's Federal Bank of Sperm.  Please stand silently as we mourn the loss of Lt Gen Phelps' "Sacred Family Jewels". In addition, we would like to thank him for his service; his annual contributions to UHK-SF has blessed us with some new recruits within Lt Gen Phelps bloodline. The bloodline shall continue to embrace the legacy that the founding father "Travlen's Spendabuck of Lyerly" of HK's left in his DNA coding. Lt Gen Phelps will be retiring and is looking forward to spending his days with a kind family of French Bulldog Lovers. For more information on where Lt Gen will retire, please contact the HK's Chief in Commander Gwen at 727-906-9067. Thank you everyone for your support and understanding.​

Phelps is a retiring breeder. He is almost 6 years old and has sired numerous litters. Phelps like his great grandfather Jimmy was a bravo male stud to DaVinci. He is not dominating. Phelps is quite the lover boy and is easily alarmed by a dominating stud. Now he loves the ladies, when they are in heat. Otherwise, Bridgette is always having to make him behave. He absolutely loves humans and going for walks in downtown St Pete. Movie night on the lawn at the Fine Arts Museum is his favorite. He would be happiest being the center of someone's world. He loves little puppies but hopes for much more attention. $1800 + neutering