We accept most major credit cards, pay pal, and debit cards for reserve deposit on a French bulldog puppy. Reserve deposit on a French Bulldog is a standard $750.00 non-refundable fee. Reserve deposit will only be accepted from pre-approved person or persons for a pup in the immediate upcoming litter. We don't keep a waiting list per se. I have email list you can join for notifications on upcoming litters. If paying completely by paypal an additional 5% will be added to the price of the French bulldog.

Venetian is a tiny cream female $4200

Mirage is a cream female $4200

Pretty Girl Lucy is a brindle female ​SOLD

Aria is a small cream female $4200

Reserve French Bulldog

 We have puppies available 11/07/2018

and litter that will be ready for X Mas!


​Sweet Pea is a black brindle female. SOLD

Franklin is a true dark red male tough as nails.  SOLD

Jon Claude & Destiny's   /   Chinka & Gambler          

Destiny & Jon Claude's

French bulldog puppy


From Destiny & Bridgette's Litter's


​Trixie is a fawn female ​SOLD

Happy Kennels

​Lucky Cooper is a happy go lucky red male. Big ears and huge heart for children. He loves to snuggle and play. Very calm in public. Loves laying in a purse while ya shop. $5000

If you wish to see more photo's of the French Bulldog Puppies for sale, please add HappyKennels.net as a friend. I regularly post photos on Facebook for the convenience of not having to keep emailing everyone photos. Thank You Gwen

Bellagio is a big beautiful cream female $4200

Gandhi is a red male. He is an extreme low rider. Big appetite. Wide as he is tall. Very mellow dude. More of a lover than a rough rowdy rugged dude.  SOLD

​Ricky Spendabuck is a brindle male SOLD

Tesla is dark red male SOLD

Happy Kennels French Bulldog Puppies:

All of Happy Kennels French bulldog puppies start their crate training at 5 weeks of age. Approximately 6 to 7 weeks of age, they begin to learn how to use the doggy door. All of our French Bulldog puppies are allowed to run and play freely inside of the fenced in yard. Here at the Happy Kennel estate we built special fenced yards for the puppies to play within and for the advanced learners whom have been taught to swim to the pool step should they accidentally fall in the pool. Thus, the French Bulldogs here learn how to swim to the pool steps to get out of the swimming pool.

NOTE: The French Bulldog breed by nature are not built to swim, so no French Bulldog should be brought to a new home with no knowledge of what a pool is!! 

​Adventure Belle is a miniature bright red female (like Blaze) SOLD

Chinka & Gambling Daddy's litter 

French Bulldog litter 4 of 5 pups available