I just have one question for you before you check out my site.

What was the name of the breeder on the last site you visited???

I ask this question to let you know what type of breeder I am. I am transparent and stand by my dogs.

                                                                   As Happy Kennels Turns (Spring Season)

                                     If your new to Happy Kennels or have been to busy to keep up-to-date with “As Happy Kennels Turns” we are going to provide

                                    summary of the 2019 Spring season. We have 1 fawn female puppy Bellagio available as of 4/7/2019 and 2 litters coming soon.

                                                                     Chinka is confirmed pregnant and I have started taking deposits!

Chinka-Bug: Our lead star “Mama” is a cougar now since she has fallen head-over-paws for a younger stud. I must admit

                                      he is stunning fellow, he looks identical to our lead champion Mickey aka Travlen Spendabuck of Lyerly (brindle). This will be

                                      Chinka’s last litter, so if you’re a fan or family of Chinkas’, then you are aware of the fact Chinka’s has petite size pups. So,

                                      we’re expecting 4 petite pups with a variety of color brindle, cream, fawn and red. Her pregnancy is Confirmed on 04/14/2019.

                                      The pups are expected to be born May 16-18th.

Lita-Bug: The daughter of Chinka and DaVinci is better known as “Little Mama” at Happy Kennels due to her nurturing and

                                   protective personality towards puppies. Lita decided this season to let down her pig tail and have her first spring fling. Her new

                                   beau is a strapping young pied stud with a big head, wide frame and short stature. She is a short and broad-shouldered brindle.

                                   So, with her body build we are expecting 4​ pups with big heads, wide chest, short legs and pied markings. If your looking for a puppy

                                   with the current AKC standard “bully” look or find the pied markings attractive,then be sure to contact me to be put on the

                                   reserve list. Due to the small litter size and the pied markings, I don’t imagine having these pups available for long. Her pregnancy

                                  will be confirmed April 17-20th. The pups are expected to be born May 22-24th.

Bellagio: Is 5-month-old fawn female. She is our little princess at Happy Kennels. Bellagio is at her best when she is in

                                  the spot light with her charismatic personality. She is delighted in engulfing those she loves with dozens of kisses. One of her best

                                 qualities is the way she steadily surprises you with these funny little things she will do that can bring a grown person to tears

                                 laughing so hard. For example, under linen in the clothes hamper because she see’s her reflection on  the wall mirror. Bellagio has

                                 a vibrant energetic disposition which kids love having her as a playmate. Despite her high activity level to run and chase a ball with

                                 the children. She does know when it is time to calmly sit to have her hair brushed and nails painted for a tea party. She is potty trained.

                                 She is leash trained but she is a princess and prefers to ride in a designer handbag. In addition, she doesn’t mind being dressed up

                                 for a night on the town.

Cost Restructuring: Finally, we are changing with this season by restructuring our pricing and breeding tactics. The chart

                                 below will show that the early bird gets the worm folks! If you’d like a Happy Kennel discount, then putting down a reserve is the way you

                                want to go.This should come as no surprise to anyone, but I’m  doing this because quite frankly taking care of a French Bulldog litter is

                                 rather expensive. So, basically the longer I have to hold on to a puppy the more it cost me for shots, meds, vet appointments, food, treats,

                                training and advertising etc. When I have more costs, it forces the price of the dog to increase. Therefore, to avoid breeding a puppy that

                                doesn’t have a home waiting for them. I will be primarily breeding based on the demand of families wanting a Frenchy. To reserve one of

                                French  Bulldogs in advance, it reduces unnecessary breeding and costs that allows me to provide better discounts for families wanting

                                a Happy Kennels French bulldog puppy. Please read the chart below and note the asterisks beneath.

                                                              Color:                   Reserve         Whelped             8+ weeks        16+ weeks          

                                                               Brindle                  $2500             $3000                $3250             $4000
                                                               Pied                       $3500             $4000               $4250              $4500

                                                               Cream                   $3500             $4000               $4250               $4500
                                                               Fawn                     $3500             $4500                $4750               $5000
                                                               Red                       $4500             $5000               $5250               $5500  
                                                              *Price excludes Breeder’s Pick of the Litter (1 dog from each litter may be Breeder’s pick and prices

                                                                above don’t apply if breeder chooses to sell puppy)
                                                              *Two offers can’t be applied at one pup (1 discount per dog)
                                                              *All puppies by law are required to stay with the dam/ breeder until 8 weeks of age.
                                                              *Pick up date can still be arranged on an individual basis for convenience to new family


                                                   This is the breeder Gwendolyn Styers price chart. The first of it's kind published 03/29/2019

                                                                          Red/ fawn is very predominate in our bloodline

( red is not a fad French Bulldog color!!!)

it is actually the dominate DD color gene that has been

so diluted within many of the bloodlines.

I maintained the past #1 French Bulldog's bloodline

w/o diluting it, which has enabled me to breed such vibrant red AKC French bulldogs

*No Breeding Rights with Happy Kennel Puppies*

Updated 04/04/2019

                                                                                                                             Please check out the puppies page to see the latest photos.

                                                                       Happy Kennels is a licensed breeder of AKC French Bulldog puppies in St Petersburg, Fl with a 4x Westminster Champion Bloodline.

                                                         We within our pedigree. I will hand deliver a French Bulldog puppy anywhere, but I refuse to ship given the risk involved with shipping

                                                         procedures to the pups long term health and the possibility of death.                   

                                                                      French Bulldog's innate ability to make you laugh, curiosity with such charm and determination, along with unconditionally love and

                                                        desire to protect anyone that loves to snuggle and receive a great amount of kisses are the reasons why French Bulldogs make the not only

                                                        perfect Haute Couture Accessory for the wealthy, but the perfect dog for anyone needing  unconditional love of an emotional support  dog.

                                                       When considering a French Bulldog, puppies are adorable but sometimes an older French Bulldog is ideal and already house, crate and

                                                       doggy  door trained. They would make someone or a family the perfect pet or emotional support dog that does not have the time or

                                                       experience to train a  newborn. If interested in an Emotional Support Dog or pet, call and inquire to the benefits of having one

Google "NY Times french bulldog articles" and check out expected cost of owning a french bulldog.
                                                                                       $40,000 it is estimated to costs you. Make sure you buy from a licensed breeder with
excellent bloodline

Happy Kennels

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St. Petersburg, Tampa Bay, Sarasota, Gulf Coast, Orlando,  throughout Florida and the US

Gwendolyn Styers 

is Licensed French Bulldog Breeder
Home Office: (727)-906-9067
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Pinellas Permit #49
(Out of state hand delivery by breeder)

Where the art of happiness is the creed in which all French Bulldogs are bred and raised

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